Executive Directorate


Robert E. Beal, Executive Director

Policy development and implementation, legislative activities

Alexander Law, Legislative Program Coordinator

Staff to Legislative Committee, appropriations requests/follow-ups, Capitol Hill relations, legislation tracking and advocacy


Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program


Geoff White, Director

Program management and oversight; Coordinating Council support


Julie Defilippi Simpson, Deputy Director

Annual RFP process and Operations Committee


Marisa Powell, Program Assistant

Program support and outreach




Mike Rinaldi, Data Team Lead

Guidance for data related activities including standards, data warehousing, and data dissemination

Anna-Mai Christmas-Svajdlenka, Data Coordinator  

Joe Myers, Senior Data Coordinator

Staff contact for Commercial Technical Committee; SAFIS data; Seafood Traceability


Jennifer Ni, Data Analyst

Staff contact for highly migratory species data; data load verification processes


Heather Power, Senior Data Coordinator

Staff contact for data loads and merges; Biological Review Panel; Bycatch Prioritization Committee


Skye Thomas, Fisheries Data Analyst




Alex DiJohnson, Recreational Team Lead

Staff contact for Access Point Angler Intercept Survey (APAIS); Dockside Tablet Implementation; Recreational Technical Committee


Gabe Thompson, Data Coordinator

Support for APAIS and For-hire Telephone Survey (FHTS)


Trevor Scheffel, Senior Data Coordinator

Support for APAIS and FHTS




Ed Martino, Ph.D., Software and IT Team Lead

Guidance for software, APIs, database and security


Kranthi Kumar Palla, Software Developer

SAFIS development and database PL/SOL


Daniel Mestawat, Programmer

Support for SAFIS and other ACCSP Software


Jamal Oudiden, Programmer

Support for SAFIS and other ACCSP Software




Tina L. Berger, Director of Communications

Media relations, public outreach, advisory panel process, Fisheries Focus, press releases, website


Madeline Musante, Outreach and Fisheries Assistant

Support to outreach, fisheries management, and science programs


Finance & Administration


Laura C. Leach, Director

Grants, finance, human resources


Lindsey Aubart, Cooperative Projects Coordinator

Cooperative project oversight

Cecilia Butler, Human Resources Administrator

Human resources and travel vouchers


Lisa B. Carty, Deputy Director of Administration

Human resources, office administration, meetings, accounting, grants management, IT


Jayran Farzanegan, Accounting Manager

General ledger, payroll


Lisa Hartman, Staff Assistant

Commissioners, accounts payable, graphic design


Chris Jacobs, Facilities and Technology Administrator

IT support


Fisheries Science Program


Patrick A. Campfield, Director

Fisheries Science Program oversight, fisheries research coordination, peer reviews


Kristen Anstead Ph.D., Senior Stock Assessment Scientist

Stock assessments (American eel, Atlantic croaker, Atlantic menhaden, Atlantic sturgeon, horseshoe crab, spiny dogfish, spot), stock assessment training, fish ageing

Katie Drew Ph.D., Stock Assessment Team Lead

Stock assessments (Atlantic menhaden, Atlantic striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon, bluefish, ecological reference points, northern shrimp, shad & river herring, tautog, weakfish), stock assessment training, recreational fishing surveys and analyses


Simen Kaalstad, ACFHP Director and Habitat Committee Coordinator

Oversees the activities of the Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership (ACFHP) and coordinates the activities of the Commission's Habitat Committee


Jeff J. Kipp, Senior Stock Assessment Scientist

Stock assessments (American lobster, Atlantic croaker, black drum, Jonah crab, red drum, spot), stock assessment training, fish passage, fishing gear technology, interstate tagging



Jainita Patel, Fisheries Science Coordinator

Coordination and support of ASMFC science-based committees, including Committee on Economics and Social Sciences; the Assessment Science Committee; the Management and Science Committee; Ecological Reference Point Work Group; Risk & Uncertainty Work Group; and the fisheries-independent data collection and data management efforts of the Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (SEAMAP)-South Atlantic and the Northeast Monitoring and Assessment Program (NEAMAP)


Interstate Fisheries Management Program


Toni Kerns, Fisheries Policy Director

ISFMP oversight & policy development, Atlantic striped bass


Tracey Bauer, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator

Black sea bass, sciaenids (Atlantic croaker, black drum, red drum, spot and spotted sea trout), weakfish and winter flounder


James Boyle IV, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator

Atlantic menhaden, Atlantic sturgeon, shad & river herring, spiny dogfish, tautog


Emilie Franke, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator


Caitlin Starks, Senior Fishery Management Plan Coordinator

American eel, American lobster, coastal sharks, horseshoe crab, Jonah crab, Atlantic herring



Chelsea Tuohy, Fishery Management Plan Coordinator

Bluefish, northern shrimp, scup, summer flounder, coastal pelagics (cobia and Spanish mackerel)

Staff Only